Gustavo Henrique Albrecht

A FAI ” Fédération Aéronautique Internationale ” enviou a Confederação de Aerodesporto Brasileira a relação dos membros que serão homenageados na 111ª Conferência Geral em Lausanne na Suiça no mês de Outubro e nessa lista mundial consta um importante brasileiro, o Presidente da ABUL, Gustavo Albrecht.


111 fai

Mr. Gustavo Henrique Albrecht stands out in various activities related to the Brazilian Civil Aviation, especially those related to Air Sport. He was a fighter pilot, remaining in the Brazilian Air Force to the rank of Major. He worked in the Department of Civil Aviation, government authority responsible for Brazilian Civil Aviation by the year 2006, where he created a sector dedicated exclusively to the control of air sport activities in Brazil with an active participation in drafting the legislation applied to air sport.

In 1987, already in the reserve Air Force, founded ABUL – Brazilian Association of Light Aircraft Pilots – keeping up to date, for bi-annual election of its more than 2,300 pilots, its only president. Recognized by the current Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority – ANAC – the ABUL, with a group of more than 350 employees (regional representatives, checkers and physicians), have performed the theoretical evaluation, medical practice and more than ten thousand (10,000) pilots .

He has an extensive flying experience and is considered expert pilot, having flown more than 130 models of approved and experimental aircraft. His aviation experience includes a range between fighter aircrafts to mining aircrafts, between transporting aircrafts from USA to Brazil to aerobatic flights, in which art he is master. With its undisputed leadership, he created and became the leader of the demonstration fleet “CEU”, the only one in Brazil that performs acrobatics with experimental aircraft.

He  coordinated several regional events, including the largest fair of aviation in Brazil – EAB Air Show, where he was director of operations, and act as local coordinator in the two international events from REDBULL AIR RACE, occurred in Rio de Janeiro in 2007 and 2010.

He is the columnist of one of the most renowned aviation magazines in Brazil – Frequencia Livre where he writes articles on various topics related to aviation.

No doubt his LEADERSHIP and power of influence has been very important for the development of Brazilian Air Sports Aviation with benefits for international air sports.


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